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Technology in 3 Easy Steps

In today's world, it is necessary to employ even minimal technology to ease day-to-day business activities. For SEO you need to have a good network with local seo services providers. By reading through the information below, we can help you determine what technology your business needs. While you're visiting our site, take the time to explore. We offer this site not as an advertisement, but as a tool to help your business stay "in the know" when it comes to all the latest computer and internet technologies.

Step One: Determine Need for Your Business

40,000 computers will be infected with malicious software by the end of your workday! Is one of those computers yours? If the answer is yes, or even maybe, there's no time to waste. Malicious software, viruses, pop-up ads and spam can infect a computer within minutes of that machine being connected to the internet. Your private data and that of your customers is at risk if your computers are unprotected. An attack could cost your company thousands of dollars. Each year in the United States, businesses spend billions of dollars repairing their systems and recovering from attacks. Why wait until you've been compromised to act? Open Business Technologies can provide your company with the means to protect data and hardware before it's damaged.

But what if security isn't a concern for your business? You run virus updates and are well educated on the best ways to remove spyware and adware from your machines. What other technology can we help you with?

How about inceasing productivity?
Faster machines, better software, new tools. Easy and often inexpensive ways to allow you and your employees to work easier and faster. Get the job done with software that allows you to communicate easily. Get paid faster with better ways to invoice your customers. Utilize mobile technology to better service your customers from wherever you are. Save time by scheduling monthly maintenance to prevent issues from occuring when deadlines are approaching and time is running out.

What about lowering cost?
Network technology is improving everyday. We can build a new network that's faster and more cost efficient. Time is money; don't waste it with slow connections and unwieldy methods of sharing information.

What's the best way to increase product and service awareness?
Get the information out there! More and more of your potential customers turn to their mouse, keyboard and modem to get the latest information. Don't lose potential clients because they can't find your website, either because they can't find it or because you don't have one! Websites aren't just for large corporations anymore. Inexpensive hosting and professional web design mean that you no longer get lost in the shuffle. Employ a simple electronic business flyer or put your entire catalouge online.

Step Two: Providing the Necessary Technology

Open Business Technologies offers over 30 years of combined experience in IT. Our expert consultants have joined together to offer Northwest Arkansas reliable, efficient, right-the-first-time technology consulting services. We exist purely to serve small businesses. Technology should be a tool, not a burden and it is our goal to make technology work for you! Increase productivity, lower cost and increase product and service awareness by allowing Open Business Technologies to assess your technical needs. We can create more secure systems for your office, build a new, more cost-efficient network, and design a website that will escalate your business to a global scale. Most importantly, however, we listen to your needs. Technology should never be obscure or confusing. We employ technological resources that allow you to understand the resources at your fingertips, creating a strong backbone for your business. You control the level of computer power you employ, not some technician hiding behind technical jargon and complicated systems.


Step Three: Take Action

Open Business Technologies provides free consultations and risk assessments to determine the needs of your business, the current amount of risk associated with your existing security plan and the costs of implementing new technology into your business. A simple phone call to our office will allow us to quickly schedule an appointment, or use the Contact Form to send us an email.
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